Probate Law

Life is uncertain… so leave nothing to chance.

The very nature of probate makes it an extremely stressful and often confusing process. The considerations are multi-faceted and can become even more complicated when dealing with issues like inheritance disputes, challenges to a will or trust, or dying without having ever executed a will at all.

But what about the myriad living contingencies that threaten to complicate ours and our relatives’ lives prior to passing away? In case of medical emergency, do you have a plan in place and a voice that can speak for you if you are unable to speak for yourself? Have you thought about who would care for your children if you suddenly could not?

Have you thought about what you may be leaving to chance… or worse?

It is vital to have your rights and interests protected by an experienced, compassionate, and client-focused probate attorney who understands Michigan’s probate process.

They lawyers at Bagley & Langan, P.L.L.C. have over 10 years’ experience representing clients in matters related to:

  • Adult & Minor Conservatorships
  • Adult & Minor Guardianships
  • Developmentally Disabled Persons
  • Probating and Estate for a Person who passed with or without a will
  • Power of Attorney for Financial Matters
  • Power of Attorney for Medical Decisions

We are passionate about helping our clients successfully manage the difficult and extremely important decisions associated with these circumstances. It is why we do what we do. If you or someone you know needs advice, planning support, has passed away without a will, or is currently trying to navigate the Michigan probate process, call today for a consultation.